The Cute Conure

Dakota was born in 2000 (that's what his leg ring says). We think Dakota is a hybrid of a Nanday and a Jenday. We got him in February 2002 from my wonderful niece. (Thank you, Trevor!)

He's very sweet and likes to cuddle. He dances to music and bobs his head when I sing to him. He likes to play hide and seek on the bed with a sheet thrown over him.

Here's Dakota eating breakfast: oatmeal and broccoli.
Dakota eating breakfast

It's the amazing hanging bird.
Hanging bird

Dakota tries to eat Karin's nose.
Dakota eats Karin's nose

Dakota and Baby (the cat)
Dakota and Baby

A new toy!
Dakota and toy

Ain't I cute!
Dakota and toy

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page updated 31 July 2003